Ardagh Canned Sparkling Coffee

31, July, 2019

With the help of sustainable beverage cans from the Ardagh Group

With the help of sustainable beverage cans from the Ardagh Group, Cafeahaus AG launched Goldbrew, the range of cans of cold brewed coffee (RTD) on the German market.
Their carbonated flavored versions "Goldbrew Ginger Lemon" and "Goldbrew Grapefruit Lemon" are presented in Ardagh slim 250 ml cans and are the first on the German market.
The coffee Goldbrew Cold Brew It is made from 100% sustainable Arabica coffee beans to create a refreshing and energizing drink. Cafeahaus complements its Goldbrew range with an original cold nitro coffee, which comes in the exclusive Nitro Can by Ardagh.
Ardagh Nitro Can is the packaging solution for Cafeahaus original cold brew coffee. Ardagh aluminum cans provide a stable environment for coffee, even without refrigeration, while preserving the full-bodied flavor of freshly brewed coffee. 


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