8, December, 2014

For the new Capsum treatment

For Capsum's new treatment, Quadpack designed a dosing system that complements the cutting-edge nature of the product.
Hypnotic “NeoPearls” are activated and dispensed using the Yonwoo Twist & Mix dropper. Each pearl contains a complex blend of beneficial oils. Argan, rosehip and apricot oils combine with comiferolin to nourish, tone and restore density to the skin. These crystalline beads are stored in a 25 ml bottle with a stopper that contains a liquid serum in a sealed compartment. Turning the upper part automatically breaks the seal. With a simple gesture, the container is filled with a liquid that dissolves the coating of the pearls. When shaken, it transforms into a smooth and delicate serum, ready for application by means of a pipette dropper.
Both the SAN container and the cap are transparent, allowing the beads to be visible and their transformation to be observed.


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