Metallic Carbides presents Aroma MAP to reinforce the aromas of food

April 16th 2019

Metallic Carbides launched its Freshline® Aroma MAP ™ system at the beginning of the year. This system vaporizes natural aromas, such as essential oils, in the gas mixture in the same procedure for packaging food in a protective atmosphere (MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging), without additional production steps. 

This new natural method of enhancing the aroma and flavor of packaged foods influences the sensory experience of the end user, and may be a decisive purchasing factor. Some essential oils can extend the shelf life of the product more so that food packaging with the Freshline® Aroma MAP ™ system helps reduce returns and reduce associated costs. 
The natural essential oils or flavorings that can be used with the Freshline® Aroma MAP ™ system meet consumer demand for clean labeling of foods. The equipment can be incorporated into the existing packaging line and used for a wide range of food products, including processed meat, snacks, nuts and bakery products. The Freshline® Aroma MAP ™ mix is ​​fed into the packaging machine, in the same way as with the standard MAP procedure.

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