Cartier La Panthere

March 19th 2014

A panther hides

A panther hides, etched deep into a glass block. A feline presence in animal tones for a new bottle, carved from the inside. A totemic figure, a head sculpted line by line at right angles, square jaw, beveled eyes.
Orange, with golden reflections, like an unexpected animal gardenia, fiery with chypre notes. A floral feline essence embodied in raw glass walls of perfect geometry, which mythologize the panther, its sumptuous and sensual femininity.
A bottle topped by a pressure metal headdress that volatilizes the perfume.
An Eau de Parfum made from a fresh flower, a gardenia. A floral accord, but at the same time feline, encloses the captivating ambiguity of La Panthère perfume, illuminated by the presence of a live flower, covered with velvety notes and chypre. The secret is in the delicate surprise of a three-note chord: chypre, flower and musk.

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