Cartonplast Iberia celebrates 25 years

6th September 2021

Cartonplast Iberia

Cartonplast Iberia, a pioneer company in the management of reusable transport packaging, celebrates 25 years as a leading provider of Plastic separator sheets in rental model (POOL) for the supply chain in the food and beverage, pharmacy and cosmetic sectors.

During this time Cartonplast has innovated and successfully established the use of PLP (Reusable and Recyclable Plastic Interposers) as a sustainable means of transporting glass under vacuum. It is currently the largest European operator of this solution based on the distribution, recovery, selection, cleaning and control of PLPs mainly for the glass sector, but also for cans and PET.

“Until the arrival of Cartonplast in this segment, a good part of the packaging for transporting glass was unsustainable materials. We were pioneers in the introduction of recycled, repairable and reusable plastic interposers, thus providing, in addition to efficiency and cleanliness, a reduction in the ecological footprint and an improvement in sustainability for our customers, the windows dedicated to sectors as delicate as food and beverages, pharmacy and cosmetics ”, he assures Jose Maria Carrasco, CEO of Cartonplast Iberia.

The company, a subsidiary of the Cartonplast Group, began its journey in Spain in 1995, with the help of the Ferragut family, specialized in the design and production of machinery especially for the glass sector, which began its activity by offering a manual cleaning process and inspection of the interposers used to transport glass under vacuum to the bottling plants.

The first service center for Cartonplast in Spain -most Parla (Madrid)- opened its doors in 1994 with the aim of serving the glass industry in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1998 a second headquarters was inaugurated in Portugal and in 2015 consolidated its presence in the region with a third plant in La Garriga (Barcelona), thus becoming the second largest market of the Cartonplast Group in Europe. From managing 100.000 plastic interposers (PLP) in its first year with just five workers, it currently manages about 40 million PLPs, and employs more than 130 workers. In addition, all the large windows in Spain and Portugal -BA Glass, Vidrala, Verallia and OI- and also some smaller ones -such as Vicrila and manufacturers of Aluminum containers such as Alucan- are users of Cartonplast.

The POOL model, in which Cartonplast is a pioneer throughout Europe, consists of applying the circular economy in the management of these plastic interposers for the glass industry. Collaboration with equipment manufacturers, logistics companies and customers is key to making this system more effective, which improves customer cost efficiency and also its environmental impact.

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