Cartonplast Iberia delivers the XNUMXst Sustainability Awards

19th October 2021

Cartonplast Ibérica delivers its II Sustainability Awards

Photo: Cartonplast. Iberian Cartonplast announced the winners of its I Sustainability Awards in his gala of 25 anniversary held in Madrid. With these awards, the company intends to recognize the companies in its sector -partners, suppliers and customers- that contribute the most to generating a positive impact on the environment.

«For us these awards are a celebration of good work and sustainability. There are many companies in the supply chain that share this philosophy with us and we hope that many more will continue to join. Only the 15 packaging companies, users of Cartonplast, who have been valued by the jury for their good use of Cartonplast interposers have led to a reduction of 274 tons of CO2 emissions in the last 12 months. And that is a success of all ", affirms Jose Maria Carrasco, CEO of Cartonplast Ibérica.

Winners of the XNUMXst Sustainability Awards

In the category of Good Practices in the Use of Intercalators - Large beverage packers (Beer) the winner has been Heineken Group (Spain) with a reduction of 47Tn CO2 in the last year. 

In the category of Good Practices in the Use of Interposers - Large food packers the winner has been Hero group with 17Tn CO2 saved in the last year.

In the category of Good Practices in the Use of Interposers - Beverage Packers the winner has been Suntory Beverage and Food Spain with 9,5Tn of CO2 saved in the last year.

In the category of Innovative solution for sustainability, an honorary award has been given to ANFEVI (the National Association of Manufacturers of Glass Containers) in recognition of his trajectory of commitment to the environment and his latest project together with FEVE: The furnace for the future (F4F).

The winners will receive, in addition to the commemorative diploma, participation in a forest reforestation project through Sustainable Forests, with the planting, on their behalf, of a total of 150 trees that will help them continue working to offset the CO2 emissions from their activity and will absorb a total of 26.500 kg of CO2 over a period of 40 years. This reforestation will take place in areas devastated by fires in Spain in order to restore and protect 2 ecosystems of great value to our country: the Sierra de Gredos and the Iruelas Valley.

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