Little Houses of Hualdo / Isabel Cabello (Hair x Mure)

February 10th 2016

Imaginative and colorful packaging

Imaginative and colorful packaging, the work of Isabel hair (Hair x Mure).

The designer has turned the container into a fantasy in glass that reflects the unique character of this product, so much so that it has even inspired a story, The Magic Olive Tree of Hualdo, by Teresa López Velayos. A story that can also be read as a recipe for making muffins.

Hualdo houses It is the oil that Casas de Hualdo (Carpio de Tajo, Toledo) has created specifically with children in mind. An extra virgin olive oil that conquers them for its flavor, smooth and aromatic and its fantasy design but, above all, it helps them to grow in a healthy and balanced way.

For its preparation, only the fruits of the best located olive trees have been chosen. The result is a oil pleasant and fragrant, expressive and balanced.

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