CCL Label designs the limited edition of Bandido

March 19th 2018

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias launched a special edition of its Bandido brand. To bring the designs to the bottles

Canary Islands Beer Company launched a special edition of its brand Bandit. To bring the designs to the bottles, CCC turned to CCL Label. At its specialized shrink sleeve plant in King's Lynn, CCL printed all four designs alternating in a single run. Designs were made with full color strength and opacity, ensuring a top-quality appearance. In combination with the anti-humidity lacquer for the transparent areas, the sleeve and the bottle become one unit.

A limited number of tequila-flavored beer bottles were outfitted with full body décor showing designs by tattoo artists from the Canary Islands: Elena, from the Art Collective studio in Tenerife, Iván from Arizona Tattoo in Gran Canaria, Iñaki from Santa Cruz Tattoo and Arturo from Holy Koi Tattoo.

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