CCL Label introduces OVD 3D printing technology

August 11st, 2012

3D OVD (Optical Variable Device) technology is a proprietary technology exclusively offered by CCL for labeling. It is a unique printing process that allows all submicroscopic grids (including holograms) to be produced and applied in line with another impression. The printing technology allows the licensee to fully control the holographic manufacturing process. Its main advantages are: it is not necessary to apply hot or cold laminates or adhesives or to use autonomous application equipment; online processing with other printing groups;

printed on conventional presses at normal engraving speeds; full ability to register with other printing units; significant economic advantages in selective metallization; possibility of applying OVD in products so far excluded due to their high cost; flexibility to change images quickly, and integrated OVD or print layout. With production facilities in Austria, the UK, France, Thailand, the US, Mexico and Brazil, and licensing agreements in many more markets, CCL is able to provide “local” service in the most important markets and regions around the world.

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