Home compostability certification for Metsä Board cartons

April 11th 2024

Metsä Board

Metsä Board, part of the Metsä Group, has obtained the home compostability certification for all your white kraftliners and folding cartons (excluding PE coated ones). The certification was issued by DIN CERTCO based on the NF T 51-800 standard.

“All of our cartons can be recycled, which is the preferred option when the packaging or food service container has served its purpose. But sometimes the packaging material can get stained with food, and then composting with biowaste is a good option," he says. Helena Moring-Vepsäläinen, Head of Product Safety at Metsä Board. "Our cartons have been certified for industrial compostability for several years, and home compostability is another step that is well received by consumers."

Metsä Board boards are made from virgin wood fibers and are safe for use in end applications. They are lightweight and manufactured primarily with fossil-free energy, helping to reduce the carbon footprint across the entire packaging value chain.

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