Chanel launches N ° 1, its first eco-responsible beauty line

January 10, 2022


Chanel's No.1 line is a new generation of eco-responsible beauty products formulated with up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, including 76% camellia flower. The packaging has been designed to minimize carbon footprint.

At the heart of this holistic anti-aging line is the revitalizing power of red camellia extract.

Chanel's N ° 1 presents packaging designed with sustainability in mind, no cellophane or paper brochures. The containers are made with lighter glass. The tapa of cream No. 1 is made with 90% bio-based materials, 10% of which are derived from camellias.

The classic paper brochure has been replaced by a QR code printed directly on the packaging, providing product information digitally.

Chanel's No. 1 face cream marks the firm's first foray into refillable beauty containerss. Just filling twice cuts the greenhouse gas emissions of the face cream by about half.

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