Charles Héaulmé, Vice President Europe and Central Asia, Tetra Pak

February 2th 2015

Tetra Pak has appointed Vice President of Europe and Central Asia to Charles Héaulmé. With this appointment, Héaulmé will be in charge of 55 countries, 43 sales offices, 13 production centers, 4.550 employees and € 3.500 million in business volume. 

He succeeds Adolfo Orive, who has been appointed Vice President of Tetra Pak in America. As Vice President of this newly formed region, Héaulmé assumes responsibility for a diverse geographic area with an ever-changing business environment for Tetra Pak.
Building on the recent organizational structure reform, Héaulmé's goal is to drive growth and increase competitiveness to maintain Tetra Pak's leading position in the industry. Héaulmé highlights that “Tetra Pak has always shown continuous growth since its founding. This impressive track record has been achieved through innovation, customer orientation and sustainability. We will continue to build on this important heritage. And we are going to focus on making better use of our solid product portfolio, expanding into new market segments and strengthening critical business areas such as Technical Service. We have taken important steps towards creating a culture of continuous improvement and excellence with our clients and I am committed to strengthening it in the years to come. ”

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