Citeo certifies Koehler Paper's flexible packaging papers

2, May, 2022

Citeo certifies Koehler Paper's flexible packaging papers

The French recycling association Citeo has successfully certified different papers of Koehler Paper for flexible packaging. Citeo distinguishes NexPlus® Seal Pure, NexPlus® Seal Pure MOB and NexPlus® Advanced from Koehler as paper with a very good recyclability.

With Koehler NexPlus®, The Koehler Group covers the growing need for sustainable packaging solutions, not only in the food industry. Koehler's NexPlus® papers are distinguished by oxygen, aroma, fat, MOSH/MOAH and water vapor barriers, combined with the paper's own functionalities, such as high-strength characteristics and a natural feel. It offers content and environmental protection as well as excellent processing properties. The advantage of Koehler NexPlus® barrier papers is that they are produced from renewable materials. After use, they become waste paper, and thus a raw material for recycling.

Since 2022, the French environmental authority Ademe awards the so-called Identifiant Unique (unique identification number). This number serves as proof for companies that they comply with their recycling obligations in France. In France, sustainable packaging receives more favorable treatment regarding licences. Thus, companies that sell recyclable packaging obtain a discount on recycling costs.


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