Clean Reserve (Fusion Brands) / Pujolasos wood & pack

February 3th 2016

Fusion Brands is a beauty company specializing in niche fragrances

Fusion Brands is a beauty company specialized in niche fragrances, under the brand Chub, and in active color cosmetics, under the Fusion Beauty brand. For his image he has opted for an exclusive oak wood stopper developed and produced entirely by Pujolasos wood & pack and under the exclusive distribution of SGB packaging for America and Canada.

The bottle design traces clean straight lines on the transparent glass, true to the brand's minimalist style. The creation is completed with an exclusive plug en wood made of eroded silver-colored oak, which recreates the natural effect of a virgin branch and simulates the irregularities of the original organic material.

Appealing to the growing demand for environmentally friendly products, the stopper is made from certified wood (PEFC), sourced from sustainably managed forests. The result is a product with an attractive look & field, in keeping with the simplicity and dynamism that characterize each of the nine fragrances in the range.

The perfumes are reminiscent of small pleasures in life, while at the same time giving them their own personal touch. The nine fragrances are Warm Cotton, Blend Rain, Terra Woods, Blend Skin, Velvet Flora, Amber Saffron, Smoked Vetiver, Blonde Rose, and Sueded Oud.

Each of the formulas of these perfumes is composed of alcohol derived from corn, so it is a product that is respectful with the environment in its entirety. In the same way, the bottle is 100% recyclable, making CLEAN Reserve a totally ecofriendly product.

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