Clinique bets on Roctool's sustainable packaging technology

22th September 2021

Roctool Clinic

The Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) will work with roctool, a leading provider of hot and cold surface technology, to help implement state-of-the-art practices across its portfolio of brands, as part of the company's ongoing efforts to promote the sustainable packaging and luxury.

Clinical will be the first prestigious beauty brand to take advantage of Roctool's technology in beauty product bottles. Starting with its iconic Clarifying Lotion 200ml, which was one of the original products the brand launched in 1968, Clinique will be the first ELC brand to implement Roctool's unique molding technology.

Roctool's hot and cold technology is applied to multiple manufacturing methods, providing significant improvements to surface finishes without additional decorating steps. For Clinique Clarifying Lotion vials, its use eliminates the need for a secondary decorating process, which is replaced by Roctool's advanced molding technology. In this way, a more responsible and simplified packaging approach is supported, which includes reducing waste or waste by 10% - 15% in the production process, while maintaining the high quality of the packaging material.

ELC has worked with the beauty packaging manufacturer Pinard Beauty Pack in its first commercialization of Roctool technology in Europe.

The new bottle will initially launch in European markets, while ELC plans to scale the technology globally across its brand portfolio, allowing the company to continue to drive innovative packaging solutions.

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