Coca Cola, El Pozo and Campofrío, the most purchased consumer brands in Spain

August 5st, 2015

Coca Cola was once again the most purchased mass consumption brand in Spain in 2014, followed by the Spanish companies El Pozo and Campofrío. This is revealed in the third study "Brand Footprint" prepared by the leading consultancy in consumer panels Kantar Worldpanel. The Brand Footprint ranking identifies the 50 FMCG brands that are bought the most times in Spain and in the world. 

Don Simón, which is the brand in the ranking that has grown the most in the last year, climbs five positions and is placed as the fourth most bought brand. The top 10 is completed by Activia, Danone, Central Lechera Asturiana, Azucarera Española, Gallo and Bimbo, which is among the top 10 brands. On the other hand, four brands have entered the Brand Footprint Spain 2015 ranking: Dolce Gusto (position # 40); Milka (# 44), Valor (# 45) and Oikos (# 47).

According to the report, only 17 of the 50 most purchased brands have managed to increase their purchase attraction, which highlights the complex situation for brands in our country. In this context, those that stand out the most for their good development are, after Don Simón, with a 27% growth in their CRP (Consumer Contacts): Milka (+ 24%), Dolce Gusto (+ 21%), Valor (+ 16%), Danonino (+ 12%), Vitalinea (+ 8%), Navidul (+ 8%), Maggi (+ 6%), Oikos (+ 4%) and Mahou (+ 4%). Practically all of them have had innovation and communication as their main growth axes. 

The Brand Footprint ranking is based on “consumer contacts”, which are built from the number of buyers of a brand and the frequency with which they buy it. Coca Cola is in both cases the leading brand, with 80% of buyers' households and a purchase frequency of 11 times a year. 
In addition to the soft drink brand, the brands that most people buy are El Pozo (78% of households), Campofrío (75%), Azucarera (72%) and Gallo (68%); and those that are bought most frequently are Activia (9,7 times a year), Pepsi (9,3), Puleva (8,8) and El Pozo (8,5).


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