Frit Ravich Cheese Flavor Cocktail, new variety of the Flavor of the Year 2022 range

4, July, 2022


Frit ravich, a food company specializing in the manufacture of potatoes, snacks and nuts, presents Cheese Flavor Cocktail, a new gluten-free and allergen-free snack that joins the Cocteleo family, a range of 13 varieties recognized as Flavor of the Year 2022.

Yellow-gold in color, the new aperitif is a dried fruit mix and is made up of corn strips, fried and salted peeled peanuts, barbecue-flavored rings and soft corn, an assortment with a savory cheddar cheese flavor with hints of onion.

Along with the launch of the new aperitif, Frit Ravich has prepared several novelties for its Cocteleo brand, among which the restyling of the entire range with new packaging ready for recycling

The assortment of Cocteleo snacks has recently obtained the distinction Flavor of the Year 2022 with the ten references in the range: tropical, oriental, cheese, select, natumix, special with blueberries, barbecue, curry, honey-mustard, chilli, shelled, shelled and top 5.


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