COEXPAN participates in the EPS-SURE Project

December 25th 2017

COEXPAN, a company specialized in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheet and thermoformed products for the food industry, participates as a strategic partner in the project "LIFE EPS-SURE 2017-2020", for the recycling of fish boxes and their transformation into new food grade packaging. It is intended for the design of a new system for the collection, pre-treatment and recycling of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste, to produce new products based on Polystyrene (PS) with high added value, suitable for contact with food.

The EPS-SURE project is coordinated by Cicloplast, a non-profit organization that integrates plastics producers and processors in their commitment to promote the recycling of high value-added plastics. In addition to COEXPAN, ANAPE (National Association of Expanded Polystyrene), El Corte Inglés and Total Petrochemicals Ibérica participate. The contribution of COEXPAN in the EPS-SURE project will be key to verify the functionality of the new formulations obtained in accordance with the usual quality requirements of the food sector, analyzing their thermoformability, their ability to preserve different types of food and their use. safe as a material suitable for direct food contact.

The project, which has a budget of 1,5 million Euros for the next three years, has obtained a grant from the European Commission through the LIFE + Program.

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