Collaboration between Borealis, Froneri and Paccor

20, June, 2022


Borealis has joined forces with the company froneri ice cream (Finland) and the packaging specialist paccor (Germany) to support the transformation of the popular ice cream brand Aino into a sustainable offering. As a result of this association, the Aino's new containers and caps are molded in polypropylene (PP) Bornewables™ from Borealis, with renewable raw materials certified by mass balance under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC PLUS) scheme.

The raw material for Borealis PP Bornewables is derived from second-generation biomass, waste and residue streams that do not compete with the human food chain. The renewable content is accredited by mass balance according to ISCC PLUS, which facilitates its traceability from the production of the material to the final application.

Froneri has been the first ice cream company to receive the respectable ISCC PLUS certification in this highly sensitive packaging market segment and plans to extend the use of Bornewables polymers to other brands across Europe.

The new Aino ice cream containers and lids are injection molded from Bornewables PP by Paccor in an integrated process with in-mould labeling decoration, which also makes this innovative mono-material packaging is 100% recyclable.


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