Estal Rude Collection

June 6th, 2024


La Rude collection by Estal presents a distinctive aesthetic. Thanks to the same diameter of bottlenecks throughout the collection, you can customize it by selecting the ideal choker neck for each brand. It is characterized by: primitive silhouettes, very short necks (patented Choker finish), a heavy appearance in harmony with light materials, glass with a rough natural finish and irregular glass distribution.

Rude Collection is available in Wild Flint Glass and Wild Dark Glass. Wild Glass is the new color in 100% recycled PCR glass.

Rude Collection Farm de Estal, designed to facilitate the manufacturing process, proposes the essence of a medium-height conical liquor bottle, with a traditional and versatile shape for all types of spirits categories.

This robust and sustainable collection is allied with Corkcoal®, a stopper in which two natural elements coexist, cork and active carbon, capable of neutralizing everything that we do not want in a distillery stopper. A naturally neutral option.


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