Colorisi / Pujolasos Wood & pack

August 1st, 2016

The luxury bio cosmetic firm Colorisi has trusted Pujolasos wood & pack for the development of the new makeup compacts. These are innovative makeup compacts

The luxury bio cosmetics firm colorful has relied on Pujolasos wood & pack for the development of new makeup compacts.

It is about makeup compacts Innovative, both in the composition of the product's lid and in the metallic material used, for which the cherry color has been selected, which gives them a vintage and contemporary air.

Pujolasos has produced make-up compacts with an exclusive design in three sizes: large, medium and small. In the first two, it is a "refilable" product that allows to change colors thanks to its adherence with a magnet integrated in the same container. The small compacts are unique pieces, in which each color is integrated into the packaging.

The full development of the products for Colorisi has been carried out at the Pujolasos facilities in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona). These products have been designed exclusively for Colorisi and have been used wood PEFC certified, sourced from sustainable forests.

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