How to become a "beloved brand"

13th October 2014

In the framework of the XXV Plenary Assembly of the Business Council of Latin America (CEAL), held in Madrid, a discussion table brought together the leaders of major brands that they have managed to get the preference of consumers. Team alignment, added value, ethics and differentiation have been revealed as some key factors.

The president of CEAL Iberian Chapter and president of Inforpress, Nuria Vilanova, presented the table. Armand Basi President Nuria Basi reaffirmed the importance of creating a sense of belonging and pride among the workforce. "It is essential to have a solid, coherent product with personality, something that is only possible through the involvement of the team," he added. At Armand Basi, present in 26 countries, internationalization was a sign of identity from the beginning. They opted for a strategy aimed at, in the words of their president, "large minorities." In this way, they have managed to cover a large geographical area and a remarkable recognition.
For his part, the president of Freixenet, Josep Lluís Bonet I Ferrer, indicated that another essential factor for having a solid brand is “knowing how to transmit it”. The company in the wine sector is a benchmark in this regard thanks to its Bubbles, which have been congratulating Spaniards on Christmas for 42 years. “The Freixenet Bubbles reflect values ​​that go beyond the product. Therein lies its success ”, he pointed out. He also highlighted the importance of ethics in business.
Finally, the soprano, composer and conductor Pilar Jurado, said that "the secret is to create a difference, especially when the brand is the artist himself." Likewise, he highlighted the importance of collaborative work. According to Jurado, effort, coherence and enthusiasm are three equally important ingredients.

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