Pochet Group's Only the Brave saga continues

May 29th 2017

Only the Brave by Diesel High

Only the Brave by Diesel High, the new edition of 2017, refers to the strength necessary to reach the top and is inspired by the cold mountain peaks.

pochet du courval collaborated with the creative teams at Diesel Parfum in developing the perfect shade for the varnish. This new version is illuminated with an ice blue varnish that focuses on the bones of the fingers, recalling the reflections of an iceberg.

Color spreads seamlessly and evenly throughout the iconic jar, created by Pochet du Courval, up to the clenched fist.

The galvanized ring with the brand name developed by qualipac adds the finishing touch, almost like a logo.

The result of the new collaboration between Pochet Group and Diesel is an impressive packaging that transmits freshness.


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