Call for the Recreate Packaging 2016 contest of Stora Enso

December 16th 2015

How to make the most of the tactile properties of cardboard in luxury packaging? This is the challenge of the contest Recreate Packaging 2016 for professional designers and design students around the world.

To submit proposals for the contest organized by Stora Ensor, they can be registered until January 15, 2016. The prizes will be awarded in May 2016.

2012 from the competition Recreate Packaging has been a great platform for the development of innovative packaging designs. Previous editions have generated great interest among professional designers and students alike. On this occasion, the competition has been transformed to make participation even more rewarding; now professionals and students will be judged in different categories. The first prize in both categories will be 5.000 euros. There is also a new award; the prize of the public, of 3.000 euros; The winner will be chosen through an open vote on the website of recreate packaging.

Recreate Packaging 2016 focuses on three end-use areas of luxury packaging: perfumes and cosmetics, champagne and spirits, and chocolate and sweets. Materials that can be used in designs are: Ensocoat, CKB and Performa Brilliance, from Stora Enso's versatile range of high-quality packaging boards. The proposals will be judged by an expert jury made up of professionals from the world of design, packaging and luxury businesses, together with the well-known fashion designer Bea Szenfeld.

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