Copesco & Sefrisa launches a new 100% recyclable packaging

August 26st, 2019

Copesco & Sefrisa It has been working with different partners for two years in the research and development of more sustainable packaging technologies, which also allow reducing the generation of plastic, both in the packaging process and in the final product.
The result of this study materializes in the project flat-skin, a new format of more sustainable packaging that allows reducing the consumption of plastic during the packaging process up to 50% compared to conventional trays. In addition, it is a 100% recyclable container that facilitates the separation of the two materials: plastic and cardboard, by the consumer, and that represents a 60% reduction in waste compared to the previous container. This new technology is only a first step in Copesco & Sefrisa's commitment to promoting the circular economy and reducing waste to the maximum.
Copesco & Sefrisa carries out different practices related to the circular economy, since the factory has a pioneering production process in the elimination of organic waste, so that all waste returns to society as a reconvertible by-product.
The ingredients that intervene in the production process get a second life, such as the excess salt that is sent to pickling companies or the oil, which is collected and delivered to other companies for recycling. Regarding the infrastructure of the building, the entire installation of the entire company is industrial cold, a method that uses minimally polluting gases. In addition, each year the Copesco & Sefrisa facility undergoes an engineering study where points for improvement are evaluated and action plans to be undertaken are carried out.
The company summarizes its commitment to sustainability with the CPS seal, which certifies that all the wild raw materials it uses are selected in the best fishing areas and captured in a sustainable way, as well as the highest quality in the entire production process, certified by IFS.

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