Cosmetics Herbera is committed to a more sustainable packaging

15, September, 2021

Herbera Cosmetics

The products Herbera Cosmetics They are packed in violet glass, less polluting, with a technology that preserves and prolongs the life of their formulas.

The brand has always bet on sustainability and proof of this is that 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin and of them, 90% come from organic crops. They had already been using violetglass for 2 years and had set the goal of ending this 2021 being #plasticfree.

At Cosmetics Herbera they have been working for some time to eliminate all plastic from their products and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. From now on, his entire line is packaged in Violet glass that, in addition to minimizing the impact on the environment, thanks to its biophotonic technology, prolongs the life of your formulas.

This technology acts as a barrier, preventing the loss of biophotons from the product stored inside, ensuring that the bioenergy of its formulas is preserved for a longer time.

Cosmetics Herbera manufacture their products in Spain, more specifically in Madrid, where they have their own laboratory.


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