COVAP increases your productivity in meat products thanks to collaborative robotics

16, April, 2019

COVAP, the Andalusian Cattle Cooperative of the Valle de los Pedroches, successfully installed last March a collaborative UR10 cobot from Universal Robots in its plant of Iberian cured meat products in order to speed up the packaging process. The cooperation between the cobot and the line operators means an improvement in productivity, which is why the Cordoba company plans to incorporate three new cobots in the coming months. 

The UR10 is configured with the application of pick and place (pick and place) and performs the placement of plastic trays in the vacuum packaging line. 
The cobot works together with the operators and meets the safety and quality standards of the clean room where all COVAP products are cut and its speed and force of movements are limited, so that the operators feel safe working with the robot. collaborative in a small space. In addition, the materials with which it is designed comply with the COVAP maximums in terms of environmental safety and protection of meat products against contamination.


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