Coveris expands its offer with an investment in VSP

May 8th 2024


covers is expanding its barrier film production with the incorporation of Vacuum Szkin packaging (VSP). The expansion is backed by a million-dollar investment in the extrusion plant that Coveris has in Winsford, Cheshire, the largest existing facility in UK blow extrusion polyethylene (PE) film. The investment in Coveris Winsford includes the opening of a production hall and the installation of the latest VSP conversion equipment.

Coveris Winsford's VSP manufacturing leverages its market leadership and experience in the production of nine-layer EVOH barrier films for meat, fishing and dairy sectors.

VSP vacuum skin packaging is characterized by simulating skin around the products, which gives it a high-quality appearance that is very popular among consumers. Points of sale can achieve up to 25 days more shelf life and greater product safety thanks to the properties of VSP films compared to traditional packaging formats. Coveris VSP films are approved on leading VSP packaging machines and are sealed with PE, PET, PP, aluminum and cardboard.

Coveris Winsford houses a Film Science Lab responsible for driving innovation, and technicians who facilitate the development, optimization and validation of its award-winning films. An innovation project is currently being carried out to reduce the thickness of Coveris VSP films below the industry average to obtain maximum benefit with minimum impact.

Sujoy Bose, CEO of Coveris Winsford, comments: “Coveris remains at the forefront of developing high-performance technical films. The addition of VSP films to Coveris Winsford's product portfolio is an exciting opportunity to leverage our existing capability in multi-layer barrier films, backed by significant investment and expertise in innovation. The introduction of VSP films aligns with a key pillar of Coveris' “No Waste” vision: zero product waste, complementing its current range of specialized films for food sectors that require EVOH barrier properties to extend shelf life and provide product safety and protection.

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