Coveris Wins Green Star Packaging Award

17th October 2022

Coveris Wins Green Star Packaging Award

covers won the prestigious Green Packaging Star Award in the category of environmentally friendly corporate strategy. The packaging company has built its entire sustainability strategy about his vision of No Waste (no product waste, no packaging waste, and no operational waste), with a broad focus on resource conservation. Coveris already produces packaging that incorporates recycled content, lightweight solutions that save material, as well as a wide range of easy-to-recycle single-material packaging. In addition, it aims to operate all production plants with renewable energy.

Additionally, two of Coveris' packaging technologies were also finalists in this year's Green Packaging Star Awards: PaperBarrier Seal and MonoFlex.
The sustainable solution PaperBarrier Seal was shortlisted in the category of Environmentally Friendly Product. Launched in 2021, it is a fully recyclable high-performance packaging that provides a barrier against moisture, oxygen, grease and mineral oil.

To counteract the recycling problem of multilayer packaging, Coveris developed the MonoFlex product line. Made of mono-material, this packaging is fully recyclable, without compromising quality and has been a finalist in the Food Protection Solution category.

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