Coverpla expands its offer of 'eco-friendly' products

February 18th 2019

coverpla is bringing its expertise to the new collection of eco design from your partner Luigi bormioli with a dual solution in terms of compatibility and limitation.
A specific CV15 neck makes the bottles of the Ecoline range compatible with a standard screw pump solution. This specificity allows brands to carry out their own filling operations and offer products that are refillable and 100% recyclable (due to the fact that each individual part can be separated for recycling).
Coverpla has also designed a specific fit for the standard pump that can be combined with any of the covers in their catalog. To expand its offering, Coverpla has added its own design to the line with the Verdi flask-shaped model.
Composed of two bottles (50 and 100 ml) and two jars called Ecojars (30 and 50 ml), the Ecoline range allows a 40% weight reduction compared to the 100g of glass used for a classic 100ml bottle, for example. This sustainable approach enables an average 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout the supply chain.



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