Coviñas adds two additions to its Classroom range

20th September 2021

Aula de Coviñas wine

The range Class de Coviñas Group is expanded with two new wines: Bobal Merlot classroom and Class Grenache 2020.

In the Aula range, labels of the wines connect the honored people, through their footprints, with elements of the land and the environment of Coviñas. This symbolizes at the same time the pride for its environment and the affection for its region recognized by the Utiel Requena Protected Designation of Origin.

Bobal Merlot classroom It is a red made from a selection of the best Bobal and Merlot grapes that follows a traditional elaboration for subsequent assembly and barrel aging. Aging does not exceed 3 months to maintain the typicality of the varietal combined with the nuances of oak that provide a balanced complexity.

Classroom Garnacha 2020 It is a young wine made from a selection of Garnacha plots located in the highest and coolest areas of the Utiel-Requena denomination of origin, about 850 meters above sea level, where the soils are clay loam and calcareous. The wine ferments in contact with the skins between 6 and 8 days and malolactic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature that does not exceed 24ºC. The result is a fine and elegant wine, very expressive with the character of the varietal..

Coviñas Group is a wine group born in Requena in the 60s after the union of the winegrowers of 10 cooperatives in the area, with the aim of promoting their wines and offering the best quality. At present, it holds a leadership position in the Utiel-Requena PDO, where it brings together more than 3.000 families around a common project, wine, and owns more than 41% of the vineyard, attached to the UR PDO.

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