The environmental factor in consumer purchasing decisions is growing

August 24st, 2015

According to the Tetra Pak Environment Survey 2015, a global survey in which 6.000 consumers from 12 different countries have participated, more than three-quarters affirm that the perception of environmentally friendly packaging influences them when choosing a beverage brand.

The survey, which was carried out this year by Tetra Pak, reveals a growing interest among consumers for products that comply with environmental requirements. When respondents were asked about their recent shopping habits, two-thirds admitted that they had purchased environmentally friendly products, even at a higher cost, while a similar number had avoided specific brands or products due to environmental problems.
Of the 12 participating countries, the survey revealed that in developing countries such as China, Turkey, Brazil and India, environmental factors had much more influence on the choice of beverage brand than in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Japan . And so in India, China and Turkey, more than 60% of respondents said they always looked for environmental information in purchased beverages, compared to less than 25% in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.
At the same time, a parallel survey conducted among manufacturers in the food industry showed that most of them had included the environment as part of their business strategy. More than half currently use raw materials that come from responsibly managed sources, while considering renewable raw materials a key element in differentiating a product.


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