Crown Offers Food Manufacturers New Capping Solutions

March 7th 2018

Crown Food Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc., has introduced a comprehensive package of services for food manufacturers. The package includes the sale of its high-performance capping technology, auxiliary components and expert technical support for the life of the machine. The package, which replaces the company's previous model of leasing equipment, allows brand owners to benefit from a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by owning their systems directly and giving them access to high-quality care services. by Crown's experienced technicians, maintenance and downtime. Crown experts also provide up-front support recommending specifications for the caps that will be capped by the machine, helping to reduce the risk of poor quality cap seals or breakage, reducing waste. They can also advise on the positioning and design of new production lines to optimize line efficiency.

Three of Crown's coating solutions are available for sale as part of this package: Smart Capper ™, which is designed for lower speed production lines, providing a throughput rate of up to 150 capsules per minute; With a production rate of 300 capsules per minute, the Euro Capper ™ has been designed for medium speed production lines; For high volume producers, Global Capper ™ can operate at high speeds, with a throughput of up to 800 capsules per minute.

All three systems are compatible with Crown's portfolio of closures, including the company's Orbit® closure, which is twice as easy to open as standard caps. Each system features stainless steel construction and a hygienic design, making them easy to clean. Crown can also customize machines to fit smaller footprints or to suit manufacturers' individual production line needs.

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