Danone obtains the Saica Natur seal

January 10, 2022

Danone obtains the Saica Natur seal

Danone has obtained the Saica Natur seal "From Waste To Resources: Zero To Landfill" which guarantees that all its water plants in Spain are Zero Waste: Lanjarón in Andalusia, Sant Hilari Sacalm in Catalonia and Sigüenza in Castilla-La Mancha. Specifically, the company values ​​more than 98% of its waste and claims to give it a second life by preventing it from ending up in the landfill and thus converting it into new resources.

The multinational certifier MOT South has audited and verified compliance with the requirements of the demanding Saica Natur standard, which articulates the way in which to calculate the valuation rates and monitor their maintenance above 95%, so that the seal can be renewed annually.

Thus, for example, all cardboard, plastic and glass waste are sent to specialized managers with whom Danone and Saica collaborate, ensuring their correct recycling and subsequent incorporation into the market as a new resource. In addition, it is guaranteed that all waste is managed in Spain by proximity managers.

In the words of the Danone Sustainability Officer, Borja Lafuente: “A totally circular production system goes beyond our bottles and we reflect this in our actions. Preventing waste from ending up in landfills is a requirement that we apply to fight against climate change and guarantee a more sustainable food system ”.

With the incorporation of the water plants, Danone achieves that 100% of its plants in Spain are Zero Waste, since the dairy and vegetable alternatives division reached the milestone in 2018, and reaffirms its firm commitment to the fight against climate change and the decarbonization of the planet.

For its part, Miryam portillo, commercial and marketing director of Saica Natur, states: “We are proud to be able to accompany Danone in the transformation of its business to a more sustainable model. Obtaining the 'From Waste to Resources: Zero to Landfill' seal is the result of a long collaboration in the search and application of new sustainable solutions for the recycling and recovery of its waste. "

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