Informational breakfast from DS Smith

June 27th, 2016

Today D. S. Smith organizes its third informative breakfast in Madrid, which, this time, will revolve around the challenges that the mass consumption industry faces at the point of sale and how packaging can play a fundamental role for brands.

In this context, they will present the new channel developed by their design experts: R flute. It is a wavy channelor specifically designed for the consumer goods industry. Located between channel B and E, it offers great advances and advantages that result in a greater optimization of the packaging.

The informative breakfast, entitled "The role of Packaging in the perfect shopping experience", begins with a presentation by Covadonga Serrano, Marketing Manager of DS Smith Packaging Iberia, on the role of retail ready packaging, followed by another by Enric Lladó , which will talk about “the perfect shopping experience”.

Next, Peter Redfearn, Supply Cycle Director-PackRight UK, will present R-Flute and, finally, Daniel Olmos, Sales & Marketing Director DS Smith Packaging Iberia, will present the global and local footprint of DS Smith.

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