Domino Launches New Pallet Labeling Solution

January 27, 2014

Domino has expanded its range of M Series label application and printing equipment with the addition of the new M220. This pallet labeler can adapt its configuration to different applications and meet the requirements of tertiary labeling on a wide range of packaging lines.
The M220 has been designed with a new head capable of 180 ° movement, enabling the application of labels on two adjacent sides of the pallet, according to the requirements of the client and the design of the production line. This feature not only reduces lead times, but also gives the system a high degree of adaptability.
The M220 labeller is available in aluminum or stainless steel; both versions have the option of incorporating tag check readers and a climate control unit. The stainless steel version is particularly suitable for the beverage industry, as it is more resistant and can be easily cleaned and sterilized, ensuring a clean production environment at all times.

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