Don Simón, in Elopak's Pure-Pak® eSense sustainable carton packs

17, May, 2022

Don Simon

Elopak lanza Pure-Pak® eSense: a more sustainable aseptic carton made without an aluminum layer. The first company that will carry this container is the Spanish beverage manufacturer Garcia Carrion with your brand Don Simon, in line with its motto «Take care of yourself and the Planet». A few years ago, Don Simón dressed in natural brown paper (Natural Brown Board), which allowed him to eliminate the bleaching process of his cardboard containers and adhered to the CarbonNeutral® program. He has now partnered with Elopak once again, pioneering the introduction of aluminum-free aseptic packaging, which will bring benefits to his 'zero waste' and 'zero net emissions' targets.

The Pure-Pak® eSense carton is designed with responsibly sourced paper, does not contain aluminum, and instead is made with a polyolefin blend barrier. This is the result Up to 50% lower carbon footprint to that of a standard Pure-Pak® aseptic carton.

With no foil layer, the Pure-Pak® eSense package unlocks the potential to be fully renewable. As well simplifies the recycling process, since its new polyolefin structure allows a separation of fibers and polyolefin layers in a single step, and this new barrier does not contain elements that reduce its value. Additionally, the pack is designed with easy-fold lines to help consumers empty everything inside, reducing food waste, and more conveniently fold the pack for recycling.

Pure-Pak® eSense is suitable for both low and high acid foods and beverages, such as milk, juice and vegetable drinks. The new barrier replaces the aluminum layer without losing the classic rigidity of a cardboard container.

The Pure-Pak® eSense carton pack is available in 500ml, 750ml and 1 liter sizes. 1,5, 1,75 and 2 liter sizes, same as US sizes, will be introduced later. The pack will be available with a range of compatible aseptic caps, as well as a capless opening that reduces plastic consumption and further lowers the carbon footprint.


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