Two new Le Vie di Milano fragrances from Trussardi Parfums

28, March, 2022


The Vie di Milano is a luxurious collection of Trussardi Perfumes created in 2020 by a group of famous perfumers after drawing up an olfactory map of Milan, six unisex fragrances that recreate on the skin a cocktail of volatile organic compounds that define the aroma of the city. In 2022 the collection adds two new fragrances: Alba Sui Navigli and Walking in Porta Venezia.

The eight bottles opaque glass are topped by a golden sculpture, as a plug, which faithfully reproduces in miniature the head of the Italian greyhound. Around the neck of the noble dog, symbol of the brand, is a small leather collar in the same color as the bottle.

Alba Sui Navigli has a night blue bottle, the deepest shade of blue on the Pantone scale. The option for Walking in Porta Venezia is an icy green, the same color as the frost in the oldest park in the center of Milan. The name of the fragrance is stamped in gold in the center of each bottle.

El case it is a hard cardboard box in the same colors as the eight jars. Inside, the base is made in shiny gold with gold-stamped ornamental motifs that evoke the places and emotions expressed by each perfume: the perspective palazzos of Via della Spiga, the Porta Nuova arch, the
interior of the La Scala Opera House, the vaulted roof line in the Galleria, the colonnade on the facade of the Brera Academy, the reflected spiers of the Duomo, a reflection of the picturesque houses with balconies in the Navigli area and Porta Venezia in perspective as seen from the park.


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