Douglas Nocibé opts for Regula by Quadpack

16, November, 2021

Douglas Nocibe Quadpack

The Franco-German beauty products retailer group Douglas Nocibe has developed a men's line of skin care products. For this new range, the 50 ml versions of Regula Jar and Regula Airless, two solutions from the portfolio Quadpack QLine, designed and manufactured in Germany.

Regula Jar is the packaging for Men Soin Visage Anti-Rides, with anti-aging properties, and Regula Airless is the one chosen for the Men Soin Visage Hydratant moisturizer. Both products are available in two formulas: Energy, whose star ingredient is ginseng, and Sport, with marine minerals that provide a refreshing sensation.

According to Marcia bardauil, Quadpack Senior Market Insights Lead, men's cosmetics represents a great opportunity for skin care brands. “While they are increasingly demanding when choosing their cosmetics, male consumers continue to value the simplicity of their beauty routines, which can be reflected in the packaging and decoration. The latest products launched respond to their needs from a minimalist perspective that is highly appreciated by modern men, ”he explains.


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