Drimpak at Packaging Innovations

December 2th 2015

Drimpak presented the master lines of his project in Packaging Innovations, held on November 18 and 19 at the Empack fair.


In this forum, Drimpak had an original stand, where it exhibited a significant sample of its products (with works modeled for such relevant clients as Loewe or Roberto Verino), while explaining in detail its value proposition, based on its capacity and creativity to personalize and generate profitability.

Additionally, Drimpak shared information and front-line approach at the Value Chain Forum of the Cardboard Packaging promoted by ASPACK, in which Alejandro García Angulo, CEO of the company, intervened. García Angulo explained the role that Drimpak plays in this value chain: “as converters we are transforming the product and adding value to it. This value chain will be sustainable by the return of value, which has to come back in the form of money and profitability. This is achieved by strengthening the brand, so it is important that investments flow upwards, so that value is added to the product ”.

Also, García Angulo framed the productive potential of his company, with 45 workers and facilities of 5.000 square meters. Its core business focuses on cardboard packaging in perfumery, cosmetics, gourmet and parapharmacy. In addition, the also president of Aspack (the association that brings together the manufacturers of packaging, packaging and cardboard transformed) put in value the strengths of his company: “we are good, competitive and flexible. Only knowledge, experience and continuous training make our teams more competitive ”. 

García Angulo also presented his particular theory on the keys that articulate innovation; the triple i: investment, innovation and imagination. Along these lines, he quoted his colleague from university, Amparo Moraleda, current Spanish advisor at Airbus and who at the time held the executive presidency of IBM for Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel and Turkey: “Innovation is a challenge and not a drama, an opportunity and not a threat ”. He remarked that “innovation generates ideas, produces money and provides differential value to the customer. We have to make it easy for him. It is about stimulating demand and harmonizing the cycle that includes customers, raw materials and value processes. ”In this line, he explained that his current focus is on“ anticipating customer needs and collaborate in the development of their projects given our knowledge of technological advances, processes and machinery ”.

Finally, he finished his speech by highlighting that the values ​​that should characterize the companies in the sector must be leadership, commitment and passion for what we do every day.

Drimpak has clients such as Loewe Perfumes, Tous Perfumes, Nivea and L´Oréal, among many others.


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