DS Smith Launches New Two-Phase Sustainability Strategy

5, October, 2020

D. S. Smith has presented its new vision and sustainability strategy Now and Next, which sets commitments and objectives for 2030.

Through a sustainability strategy In two phases, DS Smith will continue to promote the transition towards a circular economy through alliances with clients, communities, public administrations and influential figures, with the aim of extending the useful life of the materials used in production, reducing waste by betting on designs more ecological and collaborate in the regeneration of natural ecosystems. Likewise, the company will continue with its strong commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions, protecting biodiversity and reducing water consumption.

Miles Roberts, CEO of the DS Smith Group, said: “As part of our response to the changing world in which we live and work, it is critical that our drive to redefine packaging continues to position circularity at the heart of our business. Our new strategy allows us to go beyond following a solid circular business model internally, to provide more circular solutions also to our customers and to society as a whole, substituting problematic plastics, reducing carbon in supply chains and offering innovative recycling solutions ”.

The strategy raises four key pillars, in addition to the permanent commitment to reduce CO₂ emissions by 30% by 2030 - taking 2015 as a reference - and to take care of forests and biodiversity in all places where it operates. Key areas of the strategy will drive sustainable growth at DS Smith through ambitious goals:
• Closing the loop through better design: by 2025, it will manufacture 100% reusable or recyclable packaging, with the aim that, by 2030, all its packaging will be recycled or reused.
• Protect natural resources by making the most of each fiber: by 2025, it will optimize fiber consumption in each supply chain in 100% of its new packaging solutions; By 2030, it plans to optimize all fiber from all supply chains.
• Reduce waste and pollution through circular solutions: By 2025, you will remove 250.000 billion units of problematic plastics from supermarket shelves, remove 2030 trucks from the road and work with your employees to find packaging solutions "Difficult to recycle". In the meantime, by XNUMX, it aims to use packaging and recycling to make the circular economy possible, replacing problem plastics, reducing customer carbon and eliminating waste from consumer packaging.
• Train people to lead the transition to a circular economy: by 2025, it will commit 100% of its workforce to the circular economy and by 2030 it will engage 5 million people in the circular economy and circular lifestyles.

Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability, Community and Government Affairs, commented: “Now and Next positions DS Smith at the forefront of the packaging industry and sets a clear roadmap to address immediate challenges, while working to meet the needs of a new generation, creating solutions aligned with the principles of the circular economy. By taking a comprehensive systems approach, we have a tremendous opportunity to make significant progress in our environmental, social and managerial responsibilities. "


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