EcoBag, Ulabox's new distribution proposal for a more sustainable e-commerce

August 22st, 2019

Ulabox, the first 100% online supermarket in Spain, has proposed to orient its business model towards a more sustainable e-commerce and ensure that doing the weekly shopping through the Internet has a minimal ecological footprint. Ulabox boxes are made of more than 95% recycled cardboard and the company, which has existed since 2010, has just launched the EcoBag system, based on reusable bags, to reduce packaging in each delivery of the purchase as much as possible.

For now, Ulabox is testing the EcoBag system with a pilot test with customers in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, who are already receiving the purchase in reusable bags that they can return to the dealer in the same or in the next delivery at no additional cost.

The bags return to the Ulabox logistics center and, after a sustainable cleaning process, are ready for a new use. In the future, the company hopes to be able to deliver all purchases with these types of bags.

“Many clients had sent us their concerns regarding the consumption of cardboard and plastic”, Jaume Gomà, co-founder and CEO of Ulabox, explained why they began to work to reduce packaging.

Ulabox has had the collaboration of Coca-Cola European Partners, which sponsors these reusable bags.

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