The art of your DNA

13, December, 2021


Genome23 turns genetic information into colorful pictures and is a project of the doctor and researcher Juan Roldán. His experience as a researcher in the United States, developing molecular models of respiratory diseases, aroused his concern for DNA as a form of artistic expression.

From a saliva sample, the laboratory isolates and sequences small DNA fragments of the person's 23 genes, the same genes that are tested when a paternity test is required or those used in forensic medicine. Next, the DNA sequences obtained in the laboratory are entered into the algorithm based on mathematical models and developed in collaboration with the department of applied mathematics of the University of Girona. The result obtained is a digital image.

The image is printed on eco-sustainable supports with ecological inks and the packaging The bioart DNA kit is made from wood from sustainable forests. It has the OEKO-TEX certificate of sustainable and quality product.

The process is simple and non-invasive. Once the panel has been contracted through the Genoma23 website, a bioart DNA kit is sent to the interested party's address. The person only has to obtain their saliva sample, fill in the card with their data and insert them in the envelope for shipping. In two weeks you will receive your personalized painting.

Genoma23 does not use names or surnames in the laboratory, so data protection is guaranteed. After having the box, the DNA sample is destroyed under a safe and careful process.

The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, being registered in the Central International Archive of Works of Art (AICOA). The person also receives a certificate of genetic ownership or genetic profile from their Corelab.


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