The "Book of 12" by Antalis

14th September 2016

12 graphic designers, from 12 different countries and cultures, which consider the paper as an integrated part within the creative process, they share their vision on the continuing importance of paper in the digital age in the "Book of 12" by Antalis.

Interviewed by the renowned writer specializing in graphic design, Véronique Vienne, for a project sponsored by Antalis, a European leader in paper distribution, they provide examples of their work collected in a collection of 12 notebooks that together make up the "Book of 12".

The “Book of 12” project has been inspired by simple questions: for designers today, is the choice of paper still a creative act? Does the paper contribute to increasing the impact of the message, idea or concept? The 12 graphic designers who have answered these questions are:

• Hans Wolbers / Netherlands, director and founder of one of the leading design agencies in the Netherlands;
• Reza Abedini / Iran, designer of posters, book covers and advertisements to promote events in Arab culture, but also in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Greece or England;
• Michal Batory / Poland, surrealist designer, captor of visual concepts for posters;
• Catherine Zask / France, graphic artist, poster designer and writer;
• Elaine Ramos / Brazil, graphic designer and art director at Cosac Naify;
• Leonardo Sonnoli / Italy, focused mainly on the visual identity of public institutions and private companies;
• Eike König / Germany, specialist in developing visual languages ​​for brands;
• Milton Glaser / United States, one of the most famous graphic designers in the United States, known for his famous I ♥ NY logo and his 1967 Bob Dylan poster;
• Park Kum-jun / South Korea, founder of his own design agency, creator of catalogs, exhibition posters, calendars, magazine covers and concept installations;
• Flavia Cocchi / Switzerland, artist specialized in typography.
• Kaija Korpijaakko / Finland, artist, former art director of a magazine;
• Daniel Eatock / England, who started out as a graphic designer but has now become an established artist as well.

The entire interviews have been compiled into individual notebooks, each displaying a work by an artist with a unique design, a choice of paper, and a printing technique to bring it to life. See the transcription of the interviews of the different artists, as well as a recording of an interview with Véronique Vienne and a video of the “making of” of the Book of 12, here.

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