El Carmen presents "The Recyclables"

May 20th 2019

El Carmen Packaging Solutions launches a new range of ecological papers, Los Reciclables. Five types of food papers for butcher, delicatessen, fishmongers ... 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and free of plastics.

LAYPEL bio, CURIOUS bio, SULFIPAL bio, MENPAL bio and ACUAPAL are the five new types of paper from El Carmen, created with recyclable materials and which maintain all their anti-grease and anti-humidity properties for good food preservation.

At the time of recycling, the LAYPEL bio and CURIOUS bio parts must be separated and recycled in the paper container and the organic waste container respectively. SULFIPAL bio and MENPAL bio must be recycled in the organic container and ACUAPAL must be recycled to the paper container.

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