The Container and Packaging Cluster coordinates a project that validates deinked recycled plastic as a raw material for packaging

August 29st, 2016

El Cluster of Innovation in Container and Packaging, together with three of its partner companies Gaviplas, Cipasi and Termoformas de Levante, has coordinated the 'destinta project'which validates the use of deinked plastic as raw material analogous in quality to that produced by the petrochemical industry. In addition to demonstrating its use in different products in the container and packaging sector such as printed film, polypropylene plates and thermoformed products.

During the printing stage, manufacturers of plastic packaging film generate a 7% to 10% loss in weight of the processed pellets. This by-product is tinted film produced at the time of start and change of the product of the printing machines. 

The Cluster of Innovation in Container and Packaging has achieved with this innovative project the replacement of plastic from the petrochemical industry, polyethylene and polypropylene, with recycled pellets inked more economical and similar to virgin plastic.

In the project, the deinking process has been developed by the Cadel Deinking company, which currently holds the patent for this technology. Gaviplas, after selecting the material, has contributed the waste of polypropylene film printed with ink, Cipasi has validated recovered polypropylene on an industrial scale for the manufacture of corrugated polypropylene sheets. And Termoformas de Levante has validated, on an industrial scale, the use of polypropylene recovered from the film in the manufacture of thermoformed containers.

At present, it is estimated that the result of this project is applicable on an industrial scale and has a potential recycling market with deinking in the main countries of the world and Europe of more than 600.000 tons per year that would replace plastics from the petrochemical industry worth 9.000 million euros per year.


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