The Packaging Cluster signs a bilateral agreement with the Korea Packaging Association

5th September 2016

The agreement was generated thanks to the visit of the V Strategic Training Week organized by Acció last May, where 14 Catalan clusters explored business opportunities with Korean companies and entities.

Following the visit to South Korea, the executives of the respective business entities proposed strengthening ties between the industrial fabric of Korean and Catalan packaging and packaging. This will was carried out through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the presidents of both entities, Dong Ho Shin by Kopa (Korea Packaging Association) and Artur Costa by the Packaging Cluster.

The MOU will allow the promotion of five specific areas by the members of both entities. On the one hand, it will work on sharing market intelligence, with the exchange of information regarding the market situation, trends and opportunities in the respective markets; networking, with the possibility of visiting with a delegation the industries of the other market to look for new opportunities; talent, exchanging technical information, with the possibility of collaborating with engineers from each environment.

On the other hand, business entities will act as dynamizers of the territory, collaborating to facilitate the landing, with the recruitment of new companies that are interested in collaborating globally, as well as in terms of attracting foreign investment, coordinating with public entities such as Catalonia Trade & Investment, and advice and assisting potential investors at all times.

The agreement was born through the demand of the country's industrial fabric, which demands to be interconnected with advanced territories. In this sense, the President of the Packaging Cluster, Artur Costa, affirms that “Catalan clusters are a very powerful instrument to export the territory in the world and to position it in areas such as innovation and technology and at the same time allow us to reinforce the internationalization of the cluster companies ”.

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