The restaurant group Freshperts, the foodtech Future Farm and the NGO Submon launch 'Bowl for the Future' 

25, July, 2022

posidonia bowl

The Catalan restoration group Freshperts, the foodtech Future Farm and the NGO for the conservation of marine diversity Submon have joined forces to launch the 'Bowl for the Future' initiative. Its objective is to use gastronomy as a tool to recover the meadows of Posidonia, an underwater plant endemic to the Mediterranean, present along the entire Catalan coast, and for this they have the nutritionist and influencer Charlotte Bruna as a godmother

Bowl for the Future promoters have created a healthy and sustainable food bowl whose combination has been designed by Carlota Bruna. From July 19 to December 31, residents and visitors of the city of Barcelona will be able to try it by buying it through the Freshperts application to pick up in store or home delivery. And for every bowl sold during the summer months, the NGO Submon will receive a donation of 2 euros.

The bowl is made up of a combination of brown rice, lettuce mix, edamame, pickled onion, sesame and Future Farm's Future Tvna plant-based tuna, an ingredient developed by engineers and food experts that has recently been awarded the Innoval from Alimentaria for its texture and flavor, which preserves marine life by reducing the damage caused by industrial fishing.

La Posidonia It is one of the most important plants in our marine ecosystem and plays a key role in regulating climate change, but despite being a protected species, its meadows have suffered a general regression in recent years. Jordi Sánchez, marine biologist and head of the Submon Underwater Forests project, stresses: «supporting and participating in this program, especially in these summer months when the influx of visitors to the sea increases considerably, helps us conserve the species and thereby guarantee the uptake of CO2 as well as the generation of oxygen typical of these forests».

It is estimated that with the donations resulting from this campaign, 30.000 m2 of Posidonia will be recovered, and this will mean the capture of 13,2 tons of CO2 and the emission of approximately 510.000 liters of new oxygen per day in the Mediterranean Sea, with an average of 340 liters of oxygen per day per bowl.


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