Fedrigoni's marketing, in Philip Kotler's new book

29, November, 2021


In the book «Essentials of Modern Marketing - Made in Italy Edition» by the marketing guru Philip Kotler, recently featured, among the 30 best practices of virtuous marketing, including Lamborghini, Bauli, Danone and Clementoni, illustrates the experience of Fedrigoni.

The attraction of new talent, the drive towards new processes and product innovations with the progressive replacement of plastic by paper, also based on selected recyclable materials, the digitization of relationships and communication with customers, specific acquisitions and a commitment to ESG issues have rapidly transformed the Group: despite the pandemic, the specialty papers and self-adhesive materials company has improved its global leadership position.

Six acquisitions have sustained this rapid expansion, which has made it necessary to think about a unified global image, despite the strong historical identity of the company, in the market since 1888: the use of the Fedrigoni brand has been extended to most companies in the Group through a rebranding campaign supported by the design agency Pentagram London.

«One of the distinctive factors that characterized our action - he says Marco Nespolo, CEO of Fedrigoni Group - is linked to the relationship built over the years with direct customers (printers, converters and box manufacturers) and with brands and designers. This relationship has allowed Fedrigoni to become a strategic partner to help those who make wines, cosmetics, fashion, publications, furniture and much more to transform their ideas and products into complete creations, up to packaging and communication, together with printers and designers. It is no coincidence that our reward is raising creativity.

Another winning option for the Group, taken in 1990 and accelerated in the last three years, was to differentiate the business by developing, together with the leadership role in the paper sector, particularly for luxury packaging, a global position in the world. of premium labels and self-adhesive materials, thanks to a procurement plan that made Fedrigoni the third largest player in the self-adhesive market in 2020.


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