Packaging in a true circular economy

May 25th 2016

El Packaging Cluster calls, within the Open Talent conference cycle of the UPC School, and within the framework of the 'Postgraduate Packaging Engineering: Packaging and Packaging Technology', a presentation on: "Packaging in a true circular economy“, By Ignasi Cubiñà, founder of Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG). The event will be next Thursday, June 2, at the Tech Talent Center in Barcelona. 

In this conference, Ignasi Cubiñà will explain principles, foundations and criteria for the design, manufacture and management of packaging in a true Circular Economy designed and powered by Cradle to Cradle®. This paradigm is committed to a way of devising, designing and producing in such a way that the elements that make up the products can be reused and reused, generating alternative production systems that are harmonious with nature and that imply eco-effectiveness in all its phases.

Ignasi Cubina is a director and co-founder of Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG). Since 2007 it has been dedicated to promoting the transformation of the current economic and productive model towards a circular economy based on the principles of Cradle to Cradle®.

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